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Real People, Real Money Solutions

Our premiere financial wellness platform offers an exclusive opportunity for partners seeking prime, high-quality debt leads. With a proven track record in assisting individuals achieve their financial goals, you gain access to qualified leads primed for conversion. Elevate your business and join us to empower financial freedom and success.

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Why Partner With Us?

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Unique Lead Intake Model

Don’t just sell leads, sell solutions. Credit & Debt’s marketplace connects customers with multiple partner solutions, ensuring the best fit and higher conversion rates.

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Competitive Rates, Reliable Payouts

No waiting, no hassle. Credit & Debt offers transparent payouts and a streamlined payment process, ensuring you get paid quickly and reliably.

How Credit & Debt Works

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Personalized Financial Guidance

Access financial education, resources, and one-on-one support from our dedicated coaches.

Building Trust, One Step at a Time

Our expert coaches build trust, help you build credit, and fast-track your debt freedom plan.

Money Sensei Technology

Our AI, Money Sensei, is your ally, offering personalized budgeting tips to accelerate debt relief and boost your financial IQ. 

Company Highlights

We bring something to the table that no one else can: real people, real options, and real money solutions.

    • Established in 2019
    • Personal expert coaches
    • Proprietary technology provides members 24/7 access to their financial information, tools & resources
    • Built to rapidly scale
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