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How To Manage Your Credit Card Payments?

Total credit card debt set a record of $930.6 billion last year, according to CNBC. Managing credit card payments isn’t easy, but an effective plan can help. Here are tips to help. See what you can do to help manage your credit card payments. Pay Your Credit Card...

At What Age Can I Get a Credit Card?

Building good credit is one of those things in life that just seems so “adult.” And it’s especially important in an ever-growing cashless world. Showing you can responsibly use a credit card is how you become financially independent. The sooner you start, the faster...

Why Did My Credit Score Go Down? 10 Reasons Why It Changed

“Why did my credit score go down when nothing changed?” This is a common question our financial coaches are asked. The truth is, credit scores can rise and fall for a variety of reasons. When it drops by more than a few points or is consistently dropping over time,...

Understanding Business Credit Scores vs. Personal Credit Scores

Just like personal credit scores, business credit scores indicate to lenders, credit agencies, vendors or suppliers just how reliable you are when it comes to borrowing money. It’s important to build business credit outside of your personal, even though that can be...

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