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Refinancing student loans can help you reduce monthly payments or lower your interest rate. Qualified borrowers can take out a loan with better interest rates and repayment terms and apply it to their education debt — reducing total interest paid over time.
So much has changed while on your financial journey — from external factors like interest rates to personal achievements like a decreased balance. As your trusted financial ally, we’re here for your best interests, wherever you stand. Spend a minute filling in our form below for tailored offers that fit your needs.

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LOANS FROM $500 – $500,000 | LOAN TERMS 60 – 240 MONTHS | APR FROM 1.88%

Why compare student loan refinance rates with Credit & Debt?

Education is expensive, and we’re here to help you save money. With no origination fees, no service fees, and no prepayment penalties, you can compare the best student loan consolidation options and rates, all for free when you sign up for Money Sensei.

Money Sensei customizes recommendations specifically for you – tools, suggestions, exclusive offers from our trusted partners, and more!

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What you should know

Comparing pre-qualified rates is 100% free.

Our partner lenders do not charge prepayment penalties, loan application fees, or origination fees.

You can check pre-qualified rates from multiple lenders in just 3 minutes.

Checking rates is free and will not impact your credit score.

You can refinance Federal, Private, and ParentPLUS Loans.

If you refinance federal student loans, you’ll lose certain benefits — including currently suspended payments and interest rates from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). However, you may benefit from refinancing Private Student Loans.

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Our qualified financial coaches can help you reduce debt, consolidate your payments, and avoid bankruptcy. We’ll help you reach your financial goals with a custom-tailored debt solution that works for you.