Debt Services

Debt Settlement Programs & Services

Debt settlement is a debt relief solution that helps you get out of debt and start rebuilding your credit. Your coach will analyze your financial situation and help you determine if debt settlement services are right for you.

How our Debt Settlement Services work

If you have over $10,000 in debt and you can’t afford to pay it, a debt settlement professional will negotiate with your lender on your behalf. This option is only available if you have late or skipped payments, or accounts in collections.

Since the lender is at risk of losing the account, a debt settlement professional will offer a lump-sum payment to your lender. If they accept the offer, the lender agrees to accept less than you owe as the full payment – therefore reducing your debt.

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What you should know

Debt settlement can help you get out of debt within 2 – 4 years.

Since you’re paying off debt quickly, you’ll avoid accumulating interest, saving you money in the long term. 


Debt settlement helps you avoid bankruptcy.

It also provides better repayment terms than bankruptcy.

Debt settlement may or may not be your best option.

Our financial coaches can help you determine if this option is the best solution for your situation.

Are you ready to talk to a coach?

Our qualified financial coaches can help you reduce debt, consolidate your payments, and avoid bankruptcy. We’ll help you reach your financial goals with a custom-tailored debt solution that works for you.