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5 Reasons You Need a Personal Finance App

Personal finance management has become increasingly easier with convenient, simple-to-use apps for budgeting, banking, investing and more. In today’s world, there’s an app for everything – finding a ride, communicating with friends, sharing your every moment. Here is an overview of why you need a personal finance app, too, and why you should download the free Credit & Debt app to your phone right now.

What is a personal finance app?

Let’s be real. The days of going to a bank and shuffling papers back and forth with a teller are almost obsolete. All of your financial needs can now be done online with the Credit & Debt app, including viewing your account balance, transferring funds, sending payments, investing and more. To get started, an application is accessed on a web browser or downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Our interface is especially easy to use and doesn’t require any prior financial or technical knowledge. These days, almost all financial institutions, from banks, credit unions, and investment firms, offer their own app. So how is ours different?

The Credit & Debt app is your new secret weapon to money management. This free and secure app offers world-class strategies to manage your money, pay off debt faster, build your credit and much more. See below for a few features that help make us different from the other guys.

Why do you need a personal finance app?

Personal finance apps are one of the best ways to get a perspective of your current financial situation at any given moment. They help you create an organized, practical budget that you can actually stick with based on your income and spending habits. And in today’s fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever to have a solid understanding of your finances. Here are some of our favorite reasons to download the Credit & Debt app:

  1. Income vs. Expenses.  At a glance, you can quickly see your spending habits by category, by month and trending over a 90-day period.
  2. Monthly Expenses. Use our app to determine where you might be overspending compared to the national average monthly spend per category. 
  3. Proactive Insights. Stay on top of your spending and financial balances virtually anywhere with overdraft warnings, large transaction notifications and more.
  4. Keep Track of Debt Payment Due Dates. And pay them on time. Similar to an automatic bill payment feature your credit card might offer, you’ll be able to use Credit & Debt as a reminder for making monthly payments.
  5. Save For the Future. Our app will alert you of opportunities to save.

Reason 1: Debt Relief & Management

When your finances are just a finger tap away, you’re more likely to be involved and on top of how much you’re spending, saving and, probably, paying off debt. Budget apps make it all easier to access, and, even better, understand. 

With the Credit & Debt app, our coaches will look at your specific financial situation and determine whether you need a Debt Management Plan (DMP). This is a plan that can help you get out of debt faster, as it can usually take a lot of time and effort. If your coach thinks a DMP is the best plan for you, you’ll be connected with one ASAP. DMPs are designed to consolidate your multiple debt payments each month into one lump sum that is paid to a non-profit credit counseling agency. Let us help you meet your debt payoff goals more effectively – you don’t have to do it alone.

Reason 2: Credit Monitoring

Are you planning on buying a house, getting a new car or simply wanting a new credit card with better perks? Your credit score and identity play a major role in achieving those big-ticket items. And good news for you, our app lets you monitor your credit with ease.

Actively monitoring your credit report allows you to work toward achieving your credit goals. If you know what your credit score is at any given moment, you’ll have a better understanding of how likely you are to be approved for a loan, how much you can borrow and at what interest rate. This will help determine whether you can afford to buy that new home or car.

Another vital reason for monitoring your credit is fraud detection. There are many forms of financial fraud that can be found on your credit report, like a criminal trying to use your personal financial information to open a line of credit or take out a new loan. If you see anything suspicious, act fast and reach out to your coach.

Reason 3: Debt Payoff Simulator

One of the most exciting features of our app is the Debt Payoff Simulator. With this, you can run different simulations to see when and how fast you could pay off your debt. (Yes, the thought of being debt-free makes us giddy, and we hope it does for you too). Simply plug in what you are willing to pay each month towards your debt and the app will tell you when you would be debt free.

By using the app, you can create a financial goal to work towards. The app will let you predict your timeline, and then stay on top of your progress. We want to boost your motivation, plus it’s super satisfying to see your debt decrease every month while your savings account increases. And the app can be as flexible as you need, allowing you to change your goals if changes or challenges arise.

Reason 4: Contact a Coach

Take the DIY out of your finances! It can be scary and overwhelming to go at it alone, even with an app. Let our coaches make you a plan to help reduce your debt, positively affect your credit and save for your future. Your coach will confidentially review your entire financial history, including your credit history, and outline a detailed plan for you to grow your finances. It’s a personal experience designed to ensure you understand your own money.

Reason 5: Exclusive Member Offers

In the Credit & Debt app, you can explore a variety of special offers provided from our many vetted partners. Simply tap the Market Place feature and explore personalized financial products and services from our partners. These offers include everything from credit cards, personal loans and much more.

Download the Credit & Debt App

Budgeting apps continue to grow in popularity as the money management tool to have. And the Credit & Debt app is the most convenient and easy way of getting a comprehensive view of your personal finances in seconds. You’ll know what you can do (and your limitations) based on your spending style and overall money situation. Whether you’re looking to feel more in control of your finances or just want a more personalized experience than the Credit & Debt website can provide, click here to download our app.

Madison Ervin

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Get financial freedom! Talk to a financial coach for free!