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What if I haven’t gotten my stimulus check?

The CARES Act addressed a lot of these relief options, as you might now. It also provided a $1200 stimulus check to many consumers and we have something SO important to talk about that today, which I’m going to get into first-thing so don’t tune out. I just want to answer a huge lingering question that’s been circling for a little while now and that is: What if I haven’t gotten my stimulus check? 

If you haven’t gotten your stimulus check there could be a few reasons. 

  1. The government hasn’t sent it. As of June 8, there were still about 30 million checks to be sent. 
  2. Tax return issues. If you’re a non-filer, like recipients of SS or VA benefits. You still have to file, which you can do on the site. The deadline is Oct. 15.
  3. The other reason you might not have received your check is because you did, but you threw it away. WHAT?! I know, why would you throw away a 1200 check? Because the IRS sent the funds in the form of a VISA gift card and most people were expecting a paper check. With everyone being warned time and time again to keep an eye out for scams, it’s not that unreasonable to have thrown it out, if that’s what you did. 
    • So not what, you threw out your check. The Treasury Department said those who have lost or destroyed their EIP card may request a free replacement through customer service at 1-800-240-8100.

Now that we got that figured out, let’s say that you got your check and you’ve spent it, now what? First, watch this video on what to do when your stimulus check runs out:

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