Credit Services

Credit Monitoring & Identity Protection Services

When you start your journey to financial health, your first step should include monitoring your credit report and identity.

Are you planning on buying a house, getting a new car or simply want a new credit card with better perks? Your credit and identity play a major role in achieving those big-ticket items.

Credit Report Monitoring Services

Monitoring your credit report allows you to work toward achieving your credit goals. Active monitoring can help you stay on track.

You also can receive alerts to potential fraud on your accounts, which can help you get in front of suspicious activity that might negatively affect your credit.

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Identity Theft Protection Services

ID theft monitoring provides alerts when there is suspicious activity on your credit report as well. This suspicious activity can include a thief opening a line of credit in your name, using your Social Security number, filing for a change of address and even committing a crime in your name.

There are a variety of service levels out there and some credit and identity monitoring also offers identity theft insurance and restoration assistance if you’ve become a victim. This can help you recover more quickly and get back on track toward good credit health.

What you should know

Get daily credit monitoring alerts.

See changes to your credit profile with daily credit report monitoring. Check your report and get U.S.-based customer service support if you notice anything suspicious.


Get up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement.

Provides coverage for funds stolen by unauthorized electronic funds transfer from an account in your name, legal fees, miscellaneous expenses, and up to $1,500 per week (5 weeks maximum) for wages lost while resolving a stolen identity event.

Dark web & file sharing network monitoring.

We crawl the dark web for personal information you provide in over 25 languages. You’ll be immediately notified if anything suspicious is found.

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